Economic Development Agencies

Over the past 20 years we have delivered over 250 programmes worth over £15million on behalf of Economic Development Agencies in Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the European Commission.

Whether you need due diligence evaluations, research reports, programme reviews, mentoring or coaching - we can help.

Our team brings this experience to each and every customer in the Economic Development Sector, assuring your confidence that all your objectives will be met.

We are experts in innovation and digital technology. We have a track record of supporting a broad range of businesses - from start-ups, spin-outs and micro businesses, to SMEs, social enterprises and large organisations across an extensive range of sectors.

Working with European, National, Regional and Local agencies, we have supported over 3,000 organisations in creating, delivering and capturing value through innovation and digital technology.

Our team of experts provide support on a broad variety of topics, ranging from new product development and commercialisation, to Intellectual Property and digital technology.

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Whether you want to develop new products or services; improve your customer engagement; grow your business internationally; increase the efficiency of how you run your business, or; launch new products - we can help.

Having worked with over 10,000 businesses and individuals over the past two decades we have an impressive track record, a portfolio of best practice tools and research, a database of useful market contacts, and an inspiring team of experts that will be by your side every step of the way.

Our team has hands-on experience of implementing innovation and watching organisations reap the commercial rewards of that innovation. Whether you are a social enterprise, music band, cutting-edge technology business, international shipping company or a leading legal organisation - we can provide you with best practice, effective and impactful innovation support that will assist you (and your organisation) in achieving your goals.

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We maximise the impact of your research.

From research and programme evaluations, to entrepreneurial support and challenge events we have two decades of experience supporting universities and higher level institutes in Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and as part of European Commission programmes.

Through our Challenge Events, we have found that the outputs from this type of engagement is particularly impactful in sparking opportunities between industry and academia, as well as acting as a catalyst in the development of breakthrough new products and services by cross-discipline teams.

Targeting Innovation is an employee-owned company, which was originally founded as a partnership between Scottish Enterprise and four Scottish Universities to provide commercialisation support for technology companies in the Glasgow area. This background provides us with insight and direct experience of the challenges that universities and institutes face.

Our team of experts are experienced in working with universities and higher level institutes, from our experience providing entrepreneurial support to students through the Bright Idea Programme and sparking the development of eight new product and service ideas through the Research Frontier: Water Challenge Event for the University of Glasgow, to our role in the delivery of the Proof of Concept Programme, and the delivery of the INTERREG IVA funded Honeycoach Programme.

Our teams of experts can support your projects and programmes, with a focus on providing value for money and delivering on your goals and required impacts. For more information on what we can do for you please call us on 0141 248 6516 or contact