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Supporting Scotland's Entrepreneurs

Managed by Targeting Innovation on behalf of the Scottish Government

Supporting Scotland’s Entrepreneurs

Targeting Innovation designed and delivered the Bright Idea Scotland Programme on behalf of the Scottish Government from July 2013 to March 2017. Over the programme duration we supported over 1,200 start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses in Scotland with a product, service or business idea.

The service offered included:

·         Idea Evaluation: We undertook over 1,100 idea evaluations, providing tailored responses to each applicant which included researching the market landscape and the assessment of the commercial potential of each idea.

·         Workshops: Targeting Innovation designed 3 workshops to help the participants to better understand the steps involved in turning their idea into a business proposition. We delivered over 230 of these workshops across Scotland to more than 1,200 attendees.

·         1-2-1 Surgeries: 250 1-2-1 surgery sessions were undertaken, to provide guidance and support to participants in developing their idea.

·         Expert Support: Ideas with the greatest commercial potential qualified for expert support in the form of 5 days worth of time with one of our advisors.

·         An online ‘Inventor’s Checklist’ was developed which provided the participant with virtual guidance on assessing the commercial potential of their ideas. We had 23,000 enquiries / website visits over the programme duration.

We provided 1-2-1 mentoring support and delivered workshops to over 1,200 Scottish entrepreneurs and businesses. This support endevoured to help them assess the commercial potential of their ideas and to develop a strategy to take them to market.