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ICT Expert Help Framework

Managed by Targeting Innovation on behalf of Scottish Enterprise

Ambitious business plans need the right technology and online activity to succeed. ICT is a powerful driver for economy-wide productivity, growth and jobs and the biggest driver of innovation of our time. Scotland SMEs are lagging behind in absorbing, translating and deploying business benefits from ICT

The main focus of the ICT Expert Help Programme is to identify opportunities to improve an organisations performance through awareness, implementation and exploitation of ICT within the business which will ultimately increase sales and reduce costs.

Since 2010, Targeting Innovation has worked with over 350 companies providing them with expert ICT support, to guide them in validating and strengthening their business case through project or business reviews. The ICT strategy reviews cover areas such as hardware, communications, key applications. Web-related reviews are specifically focused on sales, marketing and incorporating web marketing, ecommerce, website analytics etc.

With over 350 ICT Expert support reviews carried out, Targeting Innovation has amassed a substantial number of tools, resources and contacts in a wide range of ICT supply solutions.