Case Study



Having amassed a collection of over 12 years’ experience working on European programmes, SEIMED a large Spanish EEN consortium with 10 individual consortia partners and 55 staff members understood first-hand the complex nature of European programmes and the intricate level of detail required.  Based on their experience the consortium were seeking a comprehensive project management and reporting tool to help the project achieve its goals and allow staff remote access through our cloud based system.

Having seen the Astranet® platform being successfully adopted by 8 of the 12 UK consortia SEIMED approached us and began working with Targeting Innovation in 2009 to create their own platform, a relationship which continues today into the new programme.

The Astranet® platform provides the consortium with web-based project management tools to support the capture, management, recording and reporting of a range of project requirements. Our web-based solution allows staff to record activities and deliverables against project targets in a secure, easy to use back office environment. Our system captures data including activities, time, company data and CRM, project outcomes and targets also used to manage workflows, and generate reports to pre-defined criteria.

The system allows each partner to report on their own local targets, monitor and manage these on an ongoing basis. It also allows the project manager to collate centrally all of this data into end of year reports and more importantly the final claim reports. This process removes the need for spreadsheets and individual tracking saving time and ensuring smooth payment for all partners.