Case Study


Bright Idea Scotland Programme

Managed by Targeting Innovation on behalf of the Scottish Government

‘Bright Idea Scotland’ is a Scottish Government funded service provided by Targeting Innovation; its remit was to assist Scottish based businesses and entrepreneurs to identify and confirm the commercial potential of their ideas. Targeting Innovation delivered the service by providing advice and guidance, and introducing practical tools through a series of workshops, 1-2-1 surgeries, online inventor’s checklist and online idea submission forms.

Given its large geographical remit and the volume of information needed to support such a project the service required its own standalone website and CRM / MIS system. Having seen the Astranet® platform being successfully adopted by other government bodies, the Scottish Government was happy to allow its contractors, Targeting Innovation, to use Astranet® as an external platform to manage the project instead of its own internal systems.

The platform allows clients an easy to locate and navigate website, it also allows the programme delivery team to communicate effectively. They are able to do this through its e-zine/direct mailing capabilities and the use of the system’s embedded online forms. This has assisted the team in effectively reviewing over 1,100 online forms and over 23,000 enquiries / website visits to date.

The site is capable of marketing events, taking event bookings and managing the registration process. It has helped the team deliver over 230 workshops and surgery days to over 1,200 attendees. The details of all workshops and attendees are successfully stored and managed on our cloud based CRM / MIS system. Like all publicly funded contracts the project has some very detailed reporting requirements, the system allows the contractors to monitor the status of the targets and report on them with relative ease as the reports are fully automated. Ultimately, the use of the Astranet® platform has resulted in Targeting Innovation successfully meeting and over-achieving project deliverables, securing the contract from 2013 to 2017.