Our experience

Over the past 22 years, Targeting Innovation has delivered over 250 programmes on behalf of public development agencies worth an estimated £15million, as well as supported an estimated 10,000 businesses and individuals in accruing value from innovation and digital technology.

From research projects and due diligence assessments, to mentoring and coaching, our team has the expertise, experience, track record and capacity to support your organisations in achieving its goals.

For more information on how we can help you please contact us on 0141 248 6516 or lpaterson@targetinginnovation.com.

IT and Web Solutions for the Economic Development Community.
Tapping into employee's creativity can provide companies with a wealth of ideas that may have been overlooked, additionally it creates an engaging environment for workers.
We supported 37 businesses who had been awarded a total of 235,000 funding to develop and commercialise their digital products.
Managed by Targeting Innovation on behalf of Scottish Enterprise
Supporting European consortia to succeed in delivering an efficient business and innovation network.
Managed by Targeting Innovation on behalf of the Scottish Government

The Honeycomb-Creative Works Programme is a regional sectoral enhancement programme for the Creative Industries sector. Honeycomb Creative Works is a collaboration between the Dundalk Institute of Technology, Creative Skillset, and is led by the University of Ulster.