Astranet ®

Making the management and reporting of complex, multi-partner programmes easy.

Promote and manage collaborative projects from a single site.

Maximise client engagement
Monitor project performance
Minimise reporting time and effort
Connect and go

What is it?

Astranet ® is a user-friendly, intuitive web-based service composed of a public facing website, as well as a comprehensive management information system comprising a sophisticated CRM / MIS back-office system.

Examples of its uses include:

Client-facing website:
Promoting your services

  • Custom branding/ design
  • Customisable menus, pages and panels
  • Social Media compatible
  • Google Analytics compatible
  • Client management

Client back-office:
Managing your project

  • Timesheet recording
  • Cost recording
  • Instant reports
  • Event management
  • Newsletter management
  • Remote access via internet

Who uses it?

In 2008, Targeting Innovation launched its programme management tool Astranet ®. Since then Astranet ® has successfully supported organisations across the UK and Europe in the promotion and management of complex, multi-partner programmes and projects.

From public websites to timesheet management and automated reporting, Astranet ® is an intuitive and cost-effective web-based solution that enables customers to manage and oversea project delivery and at the same time communicate with clients and the public.

Who is it for?

Astranet ® has been used by a wide variety of organisations across Europe, including

  • Private sector organisations
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Government agencies
  • Higher education institutions
  • Non-departmental public bodies

Astranet ® is able to support a variety of European funding streams such as HORIZON 2020 and European Structural and Investment Funds.


With Astranet ® there are no complex licences to sign and no extended contract periods.

Our pricing structure:

Monthly fee includes web-hosting and support
One-off configuration charge includes training for internal and partner staff

We can customise and develop specialist features for all your project needs.

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